CVC Word Heart Puzzles

Valentine's Day Literacy Game Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Check out this fun literacy game from Kelly over at Kelly's Kindergarten. Simply print the {FREE} game puzzles onto pink card stock, cut the hearts apart, and invite your kiddos to make the appropriate matches!

Game variations...

  • String a piece of clothesline in the literacy center, clipping one half of the heart puzzles to the line. Invite your students to complete the activity by clipping the rest of the pieces on the clothesline.
  • Use the free printable to create 3-part matching cards. Print two sets of heart puzzles, leaving one set whole and cutting the second apart. To complete the activity, have students match the pieces to the appropriate heart.
  • Create a heart puzzle matching book. Paste one half of each heart onto a piece of card stock, slipping the page into a plastic document protector. Add half of a Velcro dot to the front of each plastic sleeve and the other half to the back of the remaining puzzle pieces. Invite your kiddos to complete the activity by matching these pieces to the appropriate page, attaching them to the document sleeves with the Velcro.

For the free download {and some other fabulous activity ideas}, be sure to visit Kelly's Kindergarten!