Create Your Own "Storywalk" Experience

Children Walking

Created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, Vermont, in collaboration with the Kellogg-Hubbard Library and the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition, The Storywalk Project™ attempts to incorporate both literacy and exercise! While there may be one in your area {be sure to check the website to find out!}, you may just have to create your own storywalk experience. Here's how...

  1. Find an old copy of your kiddos favorite book.
  2. Separate the pages, mounting each one onto a piece of colored construction paper then laminate them or place them into plastic document protectors.
  3. Plan a 'hiking route' around your playground and schoolyard, then post the pages of the book at strategic check points on the route.
  4. Basking in the sunshine and getting some much needed exercise, take your kiddos on a storywalk - stopping at each check point to find out what happens next in the story!

This is a fantastic idea and one we're sure your preschoolers will love! Be sure to visit The Storywalk Project™ website -who knows, you just might be instrumental in starting a new tradition for families in the community this summer!