Constitution Day - How Does Government Affect Me?

Government, Constitution Day, and Civics Preschool Lesson Plan
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A great way to bring the Constitution to your kiddos level is to discuss how government affects them every day. They may not understand what perfect union, domestic tranquility, and liberty mean, but each of your kiddos has likely encountered a school bus, a police car with sirens blaring, colorful road signs, and their neighborhood mail person. While, on the surface it may not seem like it, all of these things have to do with government in some way or another - e.g. It's federal law that all school buses must be painted "school bus yellow", etc. Take a virtual tour through your community and show students how government - and the vision/footprint for government written out in the constitution - affects them each and every day!

Here are some interactive resources that might help get the discussion going...