Community Helpers Literacy Centers

Community Helpers Literacy Centers and Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Oh. My. Word! We just stumbled across these community helpers themed literacy centers from Julie Lee of Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten and are just floored!

  • Pizza Party Ending Sounds
  • Stylin' Sight Words
  • Baker Blends
  • Trash or Treasure Sight Words
  • Mail Truck Middles
  • Cookie Chef Sight Words
  • What's Up Doc? Letter Sorting

It looks like her kiddos had a blast! You'll have to visit Julie's blog for the full rundown of centers, but here's a sneak peek at our favorite - Trash or Treasure Sight Words {pictured above}! The concept is super simple, but is sure to be a hit with your kiddos. Simply script various sight words and non-words onto scraps of colorful paper, wad them up, and place them in a recycled beach pail or small garbage can. At the center, invite your students to sort the words from the non-words and record their results!

This is just one of the many fantastic ideas Julie shares at her blog. Be sure to visit Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten for the rest and, while you're there, check out her other fabulous learning activities!