Clothespin Counting Math Center Activity

Counting and Fine Motor Skills Preschool Lesson Plan
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This math center activity from Crystal at Kreative in Kinder is a great way to provide your preschoolers with both counting and fine motor practice. Here's the set-up:

  1. Collect the following materials - paper plates, craft paint, circle stamp {an empty wooden spool works} or sponge paintbrush, and wooden clothespins.
  2. Use the circle stamp or paintbrush and paint to stamp circles onto the paper plates. Make sure each plate has a different number of circles.
  3. For the math center, set out the stamped paper plates and clothespins, inviting students to count the total number of circles on the plate then clip the appropriate number of clothespins around the edge.

For more of a challenge {and to strengthen color recognition}, have your kiddos match the colors of the clothespins to the circle colors.

Be sure to visit Kreative in Kinder for more great math center ideas!