Christmas Music and Pretend Play

Winter and Christmas Music and Pretend Play Preschool Lesson Plan
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We found some adorable Christmas music activities at The Homeschool Den that we're certain you're kiddos will enjoy this holiday season - and, of course, it will help them get their wiggles out!

London Bridge is Falling Down {Christmas Style}

Liesl created a fun Christmas version of the well-know children's tune, London Bridge is Falling Down. As with the original song, students line up and take turns skipping under a 'bridge' created by two adults {or students}, circling back around to go under again and again - when they get 'trapped' under the bridge, Liesl suggests putting a Santa hat on the student's head and singing her special second verse!

Skater's Waltz

Another fun idea that'll get your kiddos humming and burning off some of their pent up energy, is to provide each of your students with paper plates and invite them to pretend to ice skate around the classroom - playing Christmas tunes, of course!

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