Christmas Math Center: Stocking Count

Christmas Counting Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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{Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten is an excellent resource for preschool and kindergarten teachers alike! Julie Lee, fifth year kindergarten teacher, is the brains of the operation and her fabulously colorful and imaginative centers make us want to go back to kindergarten! Here's a glimpse at a few great winter center ideas...}

Stocking Count

A great way to boost counting skills and numeral writing is with a stocking count! Prepare six stockings, labeling each with a letter {A to F} and stuffing each with a different number of items. You can use Christmas bows, small wrapped boxes, Rudolph "noses" {large red craft puffs}, candy canes, etc. Prepare a recording sheet that features six black and white clip art stockings, labeling each with the appropriate letters.

To complete the activity, have students empty the stocking, count the number of items in it, and write the correct numeral on the recording sheet {on the matching stocking, of course!}.

Mrs. Lee includes lots of other great winter learning activities in her post, so be sure to visit her blog - you're sure to be inspired!