Candy Bar Math Fun!

Candy Measuring Math Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We just love the interactive math activities Rachelle, first grade teacher and creator of the blog, What the Teacher Wants!, comes up with. If you're looking for a 'sweet' math center activity, check out this candy bar measuring exercise {and the adorable printable that comes with it!}.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Various candy bars
  • Ruler and Unifix cubes
  • Printable activity worksheet
  • Crayons

Have your kiddos record the lengths of their three favorite candy bars in inches and cube units. Not only does this introduce your kinders to the concept of length, it gives them hands on experience with rulers, provides them with exposure to taking accurate measurements, and encourages them to practice recording relevant data. At the end of the exercise, have your students compare their candy bar data to determine which is the longest, shortest, etc. Also, have your students practice using relevant vocabulary {i.e. more than, less than, equal to, etc}.

Be sure to head on over to What the Teacher Wants! for the awesome activity printable!