Can You Build It? - Block Center Idea

Building and Following Directions Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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We love this block center idea from Preschool Pond - create a book of "building plans" for your kiddos to copy!

Every building center has different materials, so take inventory of your selection...

This takes a bit of time to put together, but work with each separate building material, creating fun patterns, buildings, towers, letters, etc. Take a picture of each creation from multiple angles then arrange the prints into the building "manual" for students to copy. Create a separate book of plans for each building medium, or create a giant book of blueprints with tabbed sections. This is a great way to strengthen visual discrimination and problem solving skills, as well as provide your kiddos with practice following directions! You might also include a "Free Build" section, adding pictures of generic creations - a bridge, a house, etc. - that your students can interpret and create on their own using whatever building materials they desire {even a combo!}.

[NOTE: We also love the signs placed in the building center at Preschool Pond (pictured below) - "Work in Progress - STOP!" They're fantastic for students who need to take a bathroom break, etc. in the middle of their work!]

Gross Motor and Problem Solving Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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