Building Names - Letter & Name Recognition Activity

Letter and Name Recognition Preschool Lesson Plan This name activity promotes letter recognition and fine motor building as well as provides students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the names of their new classmates! Simply create two sets of name cards, one to be left intact and the other to be cut apart to create letter tiles, then have students use the name strips to guide them as they use the letter tiles to 'rebuild' the name. [NOTE: As with some of the previous name activities, you can add student photos to the name strips to help with name recognition!]

We suggest packaging the names in threes or fours - i.e. place four name strips and their corresponding letter tiles in an envelope - so as not to overwhelm your students. To use, have students select an envelope and complete the name activity, then place all of the pieces back in the envelope and move to the next one.

*Oh, and while the example shows plain white paper. You might consider spicing the activity up with some fun colors!

Again, while this activity is rather simple, the name 'puzzles' are great for building letter recognition!