Block Play - Building Listening Skills & Practicing Following Directions

Math, Listening Skills, and Following Directions Preschool Lesson Plan We found a great activity over at Hands On: As We Grow and thought we'd pass it along, just in case you're compiling a list of summer rainy day activities to try or center ideas for the next school year! What we love about Jamie's block activity is that it incorporates imaginative play and learning.

Here's the gist...

Each kiddo starts with a pile of colorful wooden blocks. Using cards from an existing game (Jamie suggests Candyland cards) or those that you've made specifically for the game, call out a color and a number, inviting your students to listen carefully and add the appropriate color and number of blocks to their tower. Not only will your kiddos have the opportunity to design their own tower, but they'll also review colors, build listening skills, and practice following directions!

If you want to make a game of it, play until one player has used all their blocks or, if you have a large stash of wooden blocks, play until one player's tower falls.

To see how Jamie set up the activity, be sure to visit Hands On: As We Grow!