Black History Month + Inventions = Great Fun!

Black History Month Science Kindergarten Lesson Plan
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Check out this awesome lesson idea from Mrs. Tabb over at First Grade Awesomeness! We love the science component and think that your kiddos will have a blast learning about various African American inventors, as well as brainstorming and making their own inventions!

We love how Mrs. Tabb created a poster to give her kiddos a visual representation of the invention process! From her pictures, it looks like her students had a great time each step of the way - from brainstorming ideas and sketching plans to creating a prototype and applying for a patent! While you certainly don't want to stifle your kinders' creativity, if they're finding it difficult to come up with ideas, it might be a great time to remind them that a lot of inventions are created to resolve a problem. Perhaps, by identifying a problem in their own life, they'll get some ideas for inventing a solution!

For the full lesson plan, pictures of some really neat inventions, and a lot of other great activity ideas, be sure to visit First Grade Awesomeness!