Best Halloween Party Games for Kids

While Halloween has officially come and gone, it's always nice to keep a folder of inspiration for next year's classroom celebration! Craft, snack food, decoration, and party favor ideas are easy to come by, but there seems to be a gap where party games are concerned. If you want the right mixture of fun and skill building, here are a few suggestions for a festive Halloween party!

Pop Goes the Pumpkin

In this twist of the carnival favorite found at Martha Stewart, students attempt to pop balloons full of candy and confetti!

orange balloons displayed in the shape of a pumpkin
Photo Source: Martha Stewart Living

Witch's Eye Relay

With ping pong balls painted to resemble witch's eyes - like the ones found at Crafty Sisters - have students race around obstacles in the classroom while trying to keep the 'eyes' on plastic spoons.

ping pong balls painted like eyeballs
Photo Source: Crafty Sisters | Candace

Pumpkin Face Race

Prepare several jack-o-lantern face cutouts from Wonderfoam® sheets - like the ones found here at Chica and Jo. Place Velcro dots or double-sided tape on the pumpkin and face pieces then, dividing students into teams and arming them with drinking straws, have teams race to create jack-o-lanterns using the straws to 'suck up' the pieces and place them on the pumpkin.

pumpkin with foam face shapes pasted on it
Photo Source: Chica and Jo | Chica

Halloween Can Toss

Here's another carnival favorite found at Better Homes & Gardens. Students will have a blast tossing bean bags into the Halloween-themed cans.

cans decorated for halloween to use in a bean bag toss game
Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Halloween I-Spy Game

Students will have fun 'racing' to find each of the hidden items in these i-spy bottles designed by Marylea of Pink and Green Mama.

plastic bottle filled with rice and Halloween objects for students to find
Photo Source: Pink and Green Mama | Marylea

Halloween Bowling

By 'dressing up' simple plastic soda bottles like these at Ramblings of a Crazy Woman and providing a soft ball, your students will have hours of bowling fun!

soda bottles decorated to look like Halloween characters
Photo Source: Ramblings of a Crazy Woman | Jennifer

Candy Corn Estimation

Mix in some math fun during your Halloween celebration with this carnival favorite from Better Homes & Gardens.

large glass container filled with candy corn for students to practice estimating
Photo Source: Better Homes & Gardens

Don't Eat A Jack-O-Lantern

Jamie at The Crafting Chicks designed this fun spin-off of Don't Eat Pete. Your students will have fun earning the sweet treats!

homemade Halloween game board with pumpkins
Photo Source: The Crafting Chicks | Jaime

Have fun party planning for next year with these amazing Halloween games!