Back-To-School - Taking Care of Books

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If you want your kiddos to love reading as much as you do, the library is sure to be an integral part of your school year! Start the new year off right by teaching your new preschoolers how to take care of books in the classroom using this adorable {and FREE!} book from Kathryn over at Kindergarten Kindergarten!

Using a similar idea to Paula M. Craig's Mr. Wiggle's Book {which, unfortunately, has a hefty price tag}, Kathryn created a book of her own. The story follows the story of a group of woodland animals who are sad because someone has mistreated their book - i.e. someone has scribbled with markers and crayons, spilled juice on it, torn the pages, etc. At the end, the story charges the students with the task of taking care of their classroom library. Kathryn follows up the reading of the story with a fun review - inviting her students to brainstorm ways to take care of books and recount the different ways NOT to treat a book!

For the awesome book download and a look at how Kathryn organizes the post-story discussion, be sure to visit Kindergarten Kindergarten!