Back To School Preschool Memory

Back To School Preschool Lesson Plan
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Help your preschoolers get to know each other this school year with a fun game of memory, like this one at A Place Called Kindergarten!

  1. On the first day of school, invite your kiddos to pose for a picture. Consider setting up a fun background, providing props, etc. to get you preschoolers excited. [NOTE: Sometimes it can be a stretch to get shy students to take a picture. You might also consider having students pose for pictures at "Meet the Teacher Night" when their parents are nearby and can provide some support.]
  2. Develop wallet sized prints of the photos - 2 of each student.
  3. Create game cards from card stock {like the ones created by Jonelle at A Place Called Kindergarten}.
  4. Glue each picture to a game card, adding small adhesive labels with student names scripted or printed on them. [NOTE: You'll need two name labels for each student.]
  5. Consider creating a "game board" {i.e. a piece of poster board with game card outlines} to help your kiddos learn how to line the cards up.

Using this game, your students will know each of their classmates by name within the first few weeks of school! What spectacular fun!!