Apple Themed Fine Motor Activity

Apple Themed Fall Preschool Lesson Plan
Photo Source: | Alessio Maffeis

In honor of Johnny Appleseed Day, try this fun fine motor activity from Mommy Nature. Provide your kiddos with an apple cutout made from red card stock {you might also choose yellow or green, of course!} and a single hole punch, then invite them to pretend that there are worms eating their fruit. They'll strengthen hand muscles and coordination as they use the punch to create holes in their apples.

Later, when finished, provide your students with a furry green chenille stem or a piece of green yarn {the "worm"} to lace through the holes for some extra fine motor practice!

There are tons of other Johnny Appleseed themed activities at Mommy Nature - literature, songs, art projects, math graphing exercises, a recommended field trip, etc. - so be sure to pop on over and check out the full lesson plan!

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