A Little Snowflake Fun

Winter and Christmas Snowflake Kindergarten Lesson Plan
Photo Source: staff.bbhcsd.org/gagnem

While perusing our favorite teacher blogs, we ran across some fun snowflake activities that we thought would make the perfect addition to your winter unit! In no particular order, here are a few of our favorites...

  • Michelle Gagne, kindergarten teacher and creator of the site, Mrs. Gagne's Kindergarten, details a super fun winter science experiment - making borax snow crystals! Students helped to set up and dip their chenille stem snowflakes in the "snow" solution, then hurried in to see what happened after letting them sit overnight.
  • Suzan over at Krazy for Kindergarten invited her students to watch a short clip of how a snowflake forms, then act it out! Her kiddos pretended to be ice crystals, attracting other ice crystal friends in order to form one large snowflake.
  • Sneaker Teacher had her kiddos practice letter sounds with a fun snowflake "mixer" game. She scripted letters onto snowflake cutouts and passed one to each student. To play the game, students were invited to mingle and find a partner, telling them what sound the letter on their snowflake makes, listening as their classmate did the same, and then trading snowflakes. Students were invited to continue this process until the timer went off - so they could make it "snow"! [For a full description of the game, be sure to visit Sneaker Teacher!]

Don't miss these great activities - be sure to visit each blog for the full post!