A Candy Shoppe in Preschool

Box of Chocolates' photo (c) 2010, Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Spark your kiddos imaginations by transforming your pretend play corner into a candy shoppe this Valentine's Day! As they take orders, create new 'recipes', design fun looking chocolates, and package their creations up to sell ~ your preschoolers will practice a multitude of skills and have a blast! Here's a list of the items to get you started...

  • Play dough in a variety of colors {you might consider making your own so that you can control/create different shades of brown, pink, etc.}
  • Storage tubs with lids
  • Dough rollers and cutters
  • Trays for displaying candy
  • Small cupcake wrappers
  • Pictures of various chocolates and candies for inspiration
  • Aprons
  • Order forms
  • Boxes and tissue paper for wrapping
  • Candy shoppe labels for packages
  • Play telephone
  • Cash register and play money

You can't beat the organic play that will be inspired by these fun props! We wouldn't be surprised if your kiddos will ask to keep the play center up after the holiday has passed!

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