Preschool Bug Lesson Plans

The Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing Activity

Photo Source: Creating & Teaching We are huge Eric Carle fans and love ...

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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!

As a time of renewal and new life, along with the flowers and budding trees, ...

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13 Sensational Spring Sensory Bins!

We just love sensory bins! They create a fabulous opportunity for exploring a...

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Interactive Ladybugs - Independent Counting Practice

Photo Source: How cute are these interactive ...

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Ladybug Math Center

Photo Source: Photo Source: teaching-mont...

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Picnic Pest Counting

Photo © 2012 Kate Ter Haar, Flickr Here's a cute counting activity to inclu...

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Butterfly Life Cycle...In Noodles!

Photo Source: Usually we reserve talk of life cycles...

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Chameleon Caterpillars Craft

We love how this kid-friendly caterpillar craft makes use of stripes on a st...

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