Kindergarten April Lesson Plans

DIY Pretend Play Recycling Center

Photo Source: How fabulous is this pretend play recyc...

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Recycling & Planting Earth Day Project

Photo Source: Happy Earth Day! If you're cons...

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Gardening Fun with Earthworms!

Photo Source: We stumbled across this awesome DIY ea...

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Book Suggestions for Celebrating Earth Day

We love the idea of incorporating themed book bins in your classroom - and ro...

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The Earth and I - Earth Day Craftivity

Ayn over at Little Illuminations posted this great Earth Day craftivity that ...

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Our Class Cares - Earth Day Activities

Photo Source: Check out this awesome Ear...

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! - Earth Day Activity

As part of your Earth Day discussions, invite your students to explore these ...

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"Thank You, Earth" - Earth Day Activities

April 22nd is "Earth Day" - the day we celebrate our planet, appreciate the b...

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