Easter Number Trace

Spring and Easter Math Preschool Printable
Photo Source: atozteacherstuff.com

Provide your preschoolers with some numeral recognition and tracing practice with this fun Easter themed printable created by Danielle over at A to Z Teacher Stuff! The cutesy hatching chicks make this an adorable addition to your spring/Easter lessons and, besides tracing practice, there are several activity variations you might consider...

  • Using a simple paint application, you can change the numerals to fit your learning objectives - i.e. larger numbers, skip counting, etc. - and create a set of tracing worksheets.
  • Cut the eggs out, laminate for durability, and hide them around the classroom. Invite your preschoolers to find the eggs and place them in the proper order. [NOTE: This could work as a team building activity as well. Create several sets of eggs, printing each set on a different colored paper, and hide them around the room. Dividing students into teams, invite each team to work together to find and order a specific set/color of eggs.
  • Use the eggs to create an Easter counting book. Invite students to trace the numerals, cut the eggs from the worksheet, and paste them into a paper booklet; one egg per page. Armed with markers, invite your students to identify the numeral and illustrate each page with the apporpriate number of Easter themed objects - i.e. 3 Easter chicks, 10 Easter eggs, etc.

We know your preschoolers will have fun no matter how you decide to use the printable! To grab a copy, be sure to visit A to Z Teacher Stuff!