Interactive Easter Story Booklet Printable

Easter Interactive Storytelling Preschool Printable

If you're planning to share the story of the first Easter with your students or kiddos, why not try this interactive story activity - complete with free printable! Here's the gist...

Find 6 plastic Easter eggs, numbering them from one to six, and filling them with various objects that symbolize the events of the first Easter.Easter Interactive Storytelling Christian Preschool Printable

  1. A cross. Jesus was loved and followed by many, but the people who did not like Him plotted to kill Him and He died on a cross that day.
  2. A white cloth. Jesus' friends lovingly wrapped his body in a long white cloth and placed Him in a tomb.
  3. A stone. Because the officials were afraid that Jesus' disciples would steal His body, pretending that He was alive (since Jesus had said before He died that He would rise again in 3 days), they had a large stone rolled in front of the tomb and placed soldiers to guard it.
  4. A cinnamon stick. Mary and Mary Magdalene, two of Jesus' friends, went to the tomb early Sunday morning with sweet smelling spices to place on Jesus' body. The were worried about how they would move the heavy stone, but they were in for a surprise!
  5. An angel. The ground shook and an angel appeared, rolling away the stone and causing the soldiers to faint from fright. The angel told the women not to be afraid, that Jesus had risen and to go tell His disciples.

Leave the last egg empty because, when the angel showed Mary and Mary Magdalene the tomb, it was empty! Jesus had risen and was alive!

Students can use the eggs to retell the story to their friends and, paired with the story booklet, can take the activity home to read over and over again with their families!

NOTE: Simply print the pages onto blank 4" x 6" index cards - page 6 is double-sided - and pair with the numbered eggs! Here's how we presented the activity...

Easter Interactive Storytelling Christian Preschool Printable

Interactive Easter Story Booklet Printable


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Ashtar Admassu (Uxbridge, GB)

I didn’t end up using it but thank you anyway

Lorraine Taylor (Navarre, US)

Great part of Easter lesson!

Kim Childe (Tralee, IE)
Children story

Something new for me to use in Easter cards for children

Anonymous (Lincoln, US)

I appreciated you sharing your product and the free download