Wild About Alphabet Cards!

Alphabet and Literacy Preschool Printables
Photo Source: wildaboutkindergarten.blogspot.com

Here at Preschool Printables, we don't think you can ever have too many sets of alphabet cards! We love this versatile set created by Mrs. Johnson of Wild About Kindergarten - the cutesy graphics are sure to go with any theme and we adore the leopard print border she used to to tie them all together, creating a custom ABC border in her classroom!

Using the Printable in Your Classroom...

  • Print each alphabet card onto an 8.5" x 11" sheet of card stock, laminate, and use as decoration for the classroom. {Be sure to mount the cards onto colorful sheets of paper and add an awesome border like Mrs. Johnson did or purchase inexpensive frames for a more 'homey' look!}
  • Create a laminated 8.5" x 11" of each card, spread them out on the classroom floor and play a letter or beginning letter sound recognition game {i.e. call out a letter or make the beginning letter sound and invite your students to find the matching card}.
  • Use the cards, printed onto smaller paper {i.e. 4" x 6" blank index cards}, as flash cards or to create a flip book for individual letter practice.
  • Creating two sets of cards {using blank index cards}, have your kiddos test their memory/matching skills with a game of concentration.

There are so many possibilities! Be sure to head on over to Wild About Kindergarten for this awesome download!