Valentine's Day ABC Path

Valentine's Day Literacy Preschool Printables
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Looking for a fun way to help your kiddos practice letter identification? Check out this cute printable from Mrs. McKown at Little Literacy Learners! Students are charged with the task of coloring the letters in alphabetical order, creating a path that connects the hearts on the page.

To add an extra element of fun, consider providing your kiddos with a unique way to mark the path...

  • A Hershey kiss candy and a shallow dish of paint. Have students use the candy to "stamp" the path.
  • Valentine's Day M&Ms. Students can first mark, then EAT the path!
  • Homemade dot dabbers. Have students take turns with these fun DIY dabbers from Teach Preschool.
  • Silly lines. Provide your kiddos with a special pen {perhaps one in a fancy color} and invite them to create different types of lines to connect the path - squiggles, dashes, thick, thin, dotted, curvy, jagged, etc.

For the free download of this activity, be sure to visit Little Literacy Learners!