Turkey Tails Alphabet and Sight Word Search

Fall and Thanksgiving Literacy Preschool Printable
Photo Source: heidisongs.blogspot.com

Here's a cute literacy center printable from Heidi Butkus of Heidisongs. Great for reviewing letters (or sight words for more of a challenge) and developing fine motor muscles, your kiddos are sure to love the turkey themed activity pieces!

Activity Assembly

  1. Head on over to Heidisongs for the activity card downloads - Heidi offers both sight word and upper case letter turkey cutouts, as well as several blank cutouts for customization.
  2. Print the desired activity set and cut out each turkey in the set.
  3. Paste the turkey cutouts onto paper plates.
  4. Using a permanent marker, create clothespin letters to match each paper plate turkey. If practicing the alphabet with the letter turkeys, create several (2 or 3) lower case letter clothespins for each. If using the sight word turkeys, create a clothespin for each letter in the word.

To play, mix the clothespins up in a large container, inviting your kiddos to find and pin matching letter clothespins to the correct paper plate turkey!

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