Stunning! - 'Alphafantastical' Decor or Classroom Printables

Literacy Alphabet Cards Preschool Printable
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All we can say is, WOW! These alphabet printables from Ashley at Handmade Home are simply stunning and, whether you have a place for them at the moment or not, FIND ONE, because every preschool classroom needs a set of these!

  • Place them in simple white frames and hang as a wall grouping in your reading nook {like these at Kara's Korner!}.
  • Create a clothesline effect wall grouping like Ashley did. {Better yet, set the line at 'kid-level' and have your preschoolers practice letter recognition and placing them in the proper order!}
  • Print the artwork in a smaller size, creating a deck of educational alphabet cards for your preschoolers:
    • Laminate and hold together with a binder ring to create an alphabet flip book.
    • Print and laminate two copies to play an alphabet memory matching game.
  • Frame the full sized prints, placing one on each desk in the classroom, then have your kiddos go on a scavenger hunt - finding items from around the room that begin with the letter and setting them on the frame.
  • The possibilities are endless!!!

Like we said, EVERY preschool classroom needs a set of these alphafantasical prints - they're gorgeous, versatile, and best of all, educational! Be sure to head on over to Handmade Home for the download!