Shamrock Lotto - St. Patrick's Day Letter Practice

St. Patrick's Day Alphabet Game and Preschool Printable
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Provide your preschoolers with some upper and lower case letter practice using this fun game from Mrs. Davis over at Carried away in... KINDERGARTEN! It's super simple {meaning your kiddos will get the hang of it super fast and will want to play it over and over!} and the shamrock theme is perfect for your St. Patrick's Day centers! Here's the gist... Provide each of your kiddos with a shamrock game mat and a paint dauber. Script upper case letters onto index cards or use word processing software to create printable cards and, placing them face down in a pile in the center of the table, invite your kiddos to take turns drawing a card, identifying the letter, and covering the matching lower case letter on their shamrock. The first player to cover their entire shamrock, wins!


  • If you don't have enough paint daubers, you could make your own, or have your kiddos use stickers/other manipulatives to cover their mats!
  • Create multiples of the upper case letter cards. If a student draws a card twice and they've already covered the letter on their game mat, they lose their turn.

The best part is - Mrs. Davis offers FREE shamrock game mats at her blog! Be sure to visit her site for this and lots of other fantastic early childhood lesson ideas!