Pilgrim Hat Letter Sequencing Printable Activity

Pilgrim Hat Letter Sequencing Printable Activity
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Pilgrim Hat Letter Sequencing Printable Activity

Great for letter recognition and sequencing, this simple Thanksgiving themed printable activity would make an awesome addition to your holiday lesson/center plans! Eight sequences in total, students are invited to examine each three-letter sequence, identify the letters present as well as their placement in the sequence, and determine which letter is missing.

For an extra challenge, the missing letter is not in the same spot in each sequence - i.e. sometimes it's the first letter in the sequence, the middle letter, or even the last letter. Additionally, a complete alphabet is included at the top of the page should students need to reference it while completing the activity or wish to check their work.

Activity extension...

As an added activity, if you and your kiddos have been working on classifying/identifying letters as vowels and consonants, have students color the pilgrim hats - all the vowels in orange and the consonants in brown.