Gingerbread Mail Activity

{As a new site, we're constantly searching for (and finding!) new resources, blogs, and websites that offer free printables for teachers, parents, childcare providers, and babysitters of preschoolers! One of our newest favorites is Musings of Me, a blog created and maintained by Michelle, a talented mother, teacher, and (currently) houseparent, who is on a quest to homeschool her 3-year-old. Here are a few of her winter designs that we found quite darling!}

gingerbread house graphics
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Mail Box Drop

Number recognition. Counting. Sorting. Pretend play. This adorable printable activity will help your students practice these skills (among others!) as they work to "deliver" numbered envelopes to the appropriately numbered gingerbread house. Whether you complete the exercise as a class or place the activity in the math center, your preschoolers are sure to love the pretend play element - it certainly makes learning fun!

Other Considerations

baby block 1 Letter Extension. Change the numbers on both the gingerbread houses and envelopes to letters of the alphabet for some letter recognition practice.
baby block 2 Reading Extension. Change the numbers on both the gingerbread houses and envelopes to sight or CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words for some beginning reading practice.
baby block 3 Math Extension. Provide students with a different number of each envelope. After the mail has been delivered, create a class chart to track how many letters were delivered to each gingerbread house for some graphing, comparison, and counting practice.

However you decide to use these adorable printables, your students are sure to have a blast!

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