FREE Summer Themed Printable Alphabet Game!

Photo Source: The Activity Mom

Simple and fun, this printable alphabet game from The Activity Mom is a great way to help your kiddos review this summer in a fun and engaging way! We love Nicole's suggestion to keep the cards in your purse or car to use when you have to wait somewhere. They also make a great quiet/rainy day activity!

Playing the Game

The concept is simple;

  • Place the cards face down in a pile.
  • On their turn, each player will select a card from the pile and identify the letter on the card. [For older children, you might invite them to say the letter sound or identify a word that begins with the letter, etc.]
  • If the player correctly identifies the letter, they get to keep the card.
  • To win, either have your kiddos count up the number of cards collected once the deck is gone and the child with the highest number of cards wins, or add the "You Win!" card to the deck and whoever picks up that card during the round, wins.

Alternative Activities

What's great about the cards is that they can be used for other activities/games as well!

  • Use them for an alphabet scavenger hunt - i.e. have your child draw a card, identify the letter, then search around the house/yard for an object that begins with that letter.
  • Print two sets and use them to play a memory matching game!
  • Invite your child to put the cards in alphabetical order.
  • Ignoring the letters, have your kiddos sort the cards by picture type - i.e. sandcastles, popsicles, etc.

To grab your copy of these fun summer themed alphabet cards, be sure to visit The Activity Mom!