Dental Health Activities from Musings of Me

dental health free printable worksheets and activities
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In celebration of children's dental health month, Michelle of Musings of Me put together a full unit of activities to keep your preschoolers busy as they learn about proper dental hygiene. With cutesy graphics and a whole host of different exercises, your students are sure to be entertained! Here are a few of our favorite worksheets:

Tooth Fairy Upper/Lower Case Letter Match

In this activity, every tooth fairy has a specific tooth to collect and students are charged with the task of helping them find the right one! As they match the tooth-themed lower case letters to their designated upper case letter tooth fairy cards, they'll brush up on letter recognition skills. You might also consider cutting the tooth fairy strips apart, mixing them up, and having students practice ordering skills (i.e. alphabetical ordering).

Three Part Matching Card Set

Help your preschoolers brush up on their dental vocabulary with Michelle's three part vocabulary cards. Each card displays a picture of a dental health object (i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc.) as well as its spelling. Print two sets of cards, leave one whole for your students to study, and cut the second set apart, inviting your preschoolers to match the vocabulary word to its picture using the other set as a guide.

How Many Teeth are Waiting for the Tooth Fairy?

Help your students practice number recognition and counting skills with Michelle's tooth fairy counting mat. Add one of the number cards to the designated space, then invite your students to use the tooth counters to place the proper number of teeth on the pillow for the tooth fairy. Print one mat, changing out the numbers during the activity, or print several mats, one for each number.

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