Christmas Themed Activity Worksheets

Christmas bell clip artWe recently ran across a great new resource site called Have Fun Teaching which offers worksheets, coloring pages, songs, videos, (you name it!) for early childhood educators and parents! On the site's blog, Mark, creator and operator, shared several Christmas themed activity worksheets that we couldn't help but feature! Here's a sneak peek, but as always, you'll have to visit the blog to get the downloads!

Christmas Themed Activity Worksheets

What's great about this series of worksheets is that, even if the activities seem a bit advanced for your preschoolers, the theme repetition (i.e. identical graphics and vocabulary) will make it easier for your students to complete the exercises!

Awesome Vocabular Flash Cards

Begin the Christmas season with these awesome vocabulary flash cards. The goal is to go through them each day, using the familiar images to help your preschoolers recognize vocabulary words. They may not get them all, but this activity offers great exposure to harder vocabulary words.

Christmas themed vocabulary flash cards
Photo Source: Have Fun Teaching Blog

Vacabulary Review and Letter Recognition

This activity combines vocabulary review with letter recognition practice. Again, this worksheet incorporates common Christmas items and words for extra exposure and students will practice a new skill - sorting vocabulary words into alphabetical order.

Christmas themed word sort worksheet
Photo Source: Have Fun Teaching Blog

Testing what they learned

This activity is a great way to end the unit - a way to "test" how much your preschoolers were able to retain from repeated flash card exercises as well as possible words/letter combinations that may have presented problems.

Christmas themed matching worksheet
Photo Source: Have Fun Teaching Blog

Mark also provides a series of BINGO cards with the same theme that could be fun to try out! Be sure to visit his site and blog for these and other early childhood resources!

Happy Learning!