Cat in the Hat ABC Game!

Dr Seuss Read Across America Literacy Preschool Printable
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Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! In honor of the day, we found a fun alphabet game printable created by Maria of Mama Mia's Heart2Heart to get your celebration started! There are so many things we love about the activity! We love that Maria made a replica of the Cat's hat for her daughter to pull cards from. We love that the game mat can be created using a file folder. And, of course, we love that the game will help your kiddos build letter recognition and strengthen beginning letter sound identification! The concept of the game is quite simple - invite your preschooler to draw an object card, identify the object's beginning letter sound, and match it to the correct letter on the game board. As a variation, cut apart the game mat letter cards and combine them with the object cards to play various games...

  • Concentration
  • 'Go Fish!'
  • Classmate Scavenger Hunt {mix both sets of cards up in a paper bag, have each student draw a card, and on your count, have students race to find the classmate that holds their match}

For this awesome game download {and instructions for creating the Cat's hat!}, be sure to visit Mama Mia's Heart2Heart!