Apple Unit - Bushels of Awesome Printables!

Back To School, Fall, and Johnny Appleseed Multi-Skill Preschool Printables
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If you've never visited Kindergarten Hoppenings. Go. Go now! Kindergarten teacher, Shannon Martin, offers a ton of fabulous learning ideas and {FREE} printable resources - we know it's sure to become a fast favorite!

As a little teaser, check out Shannon's amazing apple unit! Perfect for fall and/or Johnny Appleseed Day, along with a full lesson write-up and list of literature recommendations for you and your kiddos to explore together, Shannon graciously offers 17 multi-skill printables that you can download for FREE...

  • Apples Class Book
  • Apple Tree Color by Sight Word
  • Apples Color Word Emergent Reader
  • Apple Alphabet Cards
  • Apple I Have, Who Has
  • Beginning Sounds Apple Match-Up
  • Apple Letter Sounds
  • Apple Tree Counting Mats 1-15
  • Apple Patterning
  • Roll and Color the Apple Tree
  • Teachers Favorite Apple Survey/Graphing Project
  • "Do You Like Apples" Group Graphing Activity
  • Comparing Apples
  • Apple Seed Counting
  • "How To Make Apple Play Dough" Recipe/Writing Activity
  • Apple Pie Play Dough Words
  • Investigating An Apple: Inside & Out

You'd think this would be the end of Shannon's resource list, but there's more! Along with these fabulous printable activities, she also recommends several craftivities, an interactive listen and read activity about the life cycle of an apple seed, and even a new song to teach your kiddos!

Be sure to stop by Kindergarten Hoppenings for these awesome downloads - and be sure to let Shannon know how much her hard work is appreciated!