Apple Alphabet Cards

Back To School or Fall Apple Alphabet Cards Preschool Printable
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Michelle Griffo over at Apples and ABC's created these simple, yet handy apple alphabet cards that would work great in a back-to-school or fall literacy {or writing} center!

What we love about these cards is that they're super versatile. There are the usual suspects {i.e. ordering, matching, etc.}, but there are also a lot of unique ways to use these cards...

  • Printing Practice. Laminate the cards so that once your kiddos are done ordering, matching, etc. they can use dry erase markers to trace the letters.
  • Games Galore. Again, there are the usual suspects like Concentration and Go Fish! - however, you might also try a classmate scavenger hunt or apple 'hot potato'.
    • Classmate scavenger hunt. Place the apple letter cards in a bag, mix them up, and invite each of your students to reach in a select a card. On your mark, have them race to find their classmate with the matching upper/lower case letter card.
    • Apple 'hot potato'. Place all of the letter cards in a bag. Have your kiddos sit in a circle, then play music and invite them to pass the bag around. When the music stops, invite the student left holding the bag to select a card from it and identify the letter. Identified correctly - on their own and/or with help - have them set the card in front of them, then start the music and repeat the process.
  • Letter Identification. Great for small group review, arrange the letter cards onto an apple tree cutout and provide each of your kiddos with a basket 'activity mat'. Taking turns, invite your students to 'pick' an apple and identify the letter. Identified correctly, have the student keep the apple, placing it in their basket. [NOTE: You can also call out a letter and have your students take turns selecting the correct one.]

Aren't these cards great?! There are just so many things you and your kiddos can do with them! Be sure to visit Apples and ABC's for the download.

**By the by, there's also a cute letter matching worksheet to go along with the apple alphabet cards! Don't miss it :)

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