Alphabet Picture Book

example worksheet pages from an alphabet picture book
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If you're looking to supplement your alphabet lesson plans, this fun alphabet picture book printable from Super Teacher Worksheets provides an excellent choice! With 28 unique pages - the booklet includes a fun cover, individual letter pages, and a comprehensive alphabet review worksheet at the end - your students are certain to get the practice they need (and have fun doing it!).

Activity Objectives

  • Strengthen letter recognition skills.
  • Help students make connections between letters, their unique sounds, and words using fun, letter-appropriate graphics and labels.
  • Provide printing practice.

Worksheet Applications

baby block 1 Use the individual worksheets to complement each letter of study. At the end of the year, have students color and complete both the cover and comprehensive review sheet, mount the completed worksheets onto colored construction paper, and bind the sheets into a book to take home.
baby block 2 Use the entire booklet as an end of the year alphabet "review".
baby block 3 Create a class copy of the alphabet book to place in the classroom writing center. Print worksheets onto card stock, slide them into plastic document sleeves, and place them in a binder with a dry erase crayon and paper towel for endless practice!

NOTE: As a lesson extension, consider having students look through old magazines to find letter appropriate images (e.g. an apple for "A", a slice of pizza for "P", etc.) to cut out and collage on their letter pages.

For this booklet and other great printables, be sure to visit Super Teacher Worksheets - a wonderful resource to bookmark!

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