Alphabet Christmas Lights

Christmas Literacy Preschool Printable
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These Christmas light alphabet printables from Andrea of I-Love-Preschool are super versatile and are sure to be a fun addition to your literacy center this holiday season! The best part is they're editable so you can customize the bulbs to fit your learning needs!

  • Name recognition. Type out a class list, hide the letter bulbs in a large plastic bin {perhaps with peppermint rice or shredded wrapping paper}, and invite your kiddos to go on a letter hunt - finding the letters in their name and the names of their friends. [NOTE: You might wish to provide a class list help sheet!]
  • Upper and lower case matching. Print upper and lower case letters on the bulbs and invite your kiddos to sort and make appropriate matches.
  • Sight word recognition. Similar to the name recognition game, create sight word letter bulbs, place them in a paper sack or sensory bin, and invite students to pull out the letters, constructing the focus words.
  • Alphabetical order. Have students create strings of Christmas lights, making sure to put the colored bulbs in ABC order.

For the fun and versatile download, be sure to visit I-Love-Preschool's shop on Teachers Notebook!