Life Science Science Fair Projects


Exploring the Preservative Qualities of Various Spices

For middle school students interested in microbiology, this is sure to be a ...

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Do You Know About the Germs You're Carrying?

While many students have explored school bathrooms, doors, and other surfaces...

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Can Tide GAIN All the Prize?

Photo © 2009 Flickr, Pixel Drip High school student, Dao Quan Lin, wondered...

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Dirty Mouth: Effect of Mouthwash on Bacteria

Photo © 2009 Flickr, Inha Leex Hale Mouthwash is commonly used to rid the m...

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Bacteria Growth - What Part of Your School is 'Germ-iest'?

Ever wonder about the germs lurking at your school - whether the vending mach...

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Germs & Us

Photo © 2008 Umberto Salvagnin, Flickr As we head into the flu winter seaso...

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