Yut-Nori: A Traditional Korean Board Game

An important part of every child's education is to embrace unity and equality, while learning to respect cultural differences. A wonderful way to begin this journey is to introduce them to recipes, games, and traditions from countries around the world. This will allow them to make a personal connection with other cultures and appreciate each country's unique and rich heritage. Christine, blogger and creator of the site Origami Mommy, has posted a wonderful guide to creating the traditional Korean board game, Yut-Nori (pronounced "yoonnori"). Not only will it encourage cultural awareness, as with many board games, it will strengthen numeracy skills.
In traditional Yut-Nori, the board game would be made from cloth, but for the sake of time and simplicity, any stiff cardboard or card stock will work. Christine provides a picture of her game board to assist in recreating your own, but essentially, it includes circles bordering the game board connected by dots, with a shorter "X" shape of dots in the center. Game markers can be made from old buttons, stones, or gems and craft sticks decorated differently on each side are used as a variation of dice. For full directions on crafting the game and rules for playing, be sure to check out Christine's guest post at The Crafty Crow!

Guest Post: Korean Board Game! - The Crafty Crow

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