Winter Words ABC Order Puzzle Printable

Winter Words ABC Order Puzzle Printable
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Winter Words ABC Order Puzzle Printable

Provide your kiddos with more exposure to winter words, build letter recognition, strengthen ordering skills, and sharpen problem solving skills with this fun winter themed puzzle printable!

Activity preparation...

  • Download the activity worksheets.
  • Print the puzzle worksheet onto card stock, cut the pieces apart, and laminate to reduce wear and tear.
  • Print the numbered puzzle mat onto card stock, mount onto a piece of construction paper (adding some color!), and laminate.

To complete the activity...

Have students look at the winter themed word on each puzzle piece and work on putting all of the pieces in alphabetical order. [NOTE: Some students might be able to do this directly on the puzzle mat, but others may need to line up all of the pieces before placing them together on the puzzle mat.]

Once all of the pieces have been properly ordered and arranged on the mat, have students use the recording sheet (pictured above) to show their work! Remind students that they can be sure they have the words in the correct order when the picture is revealed/makes sense.