Winter Themed Multi-Skill Worksheets

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We just love when our favorite worksheet creators design series' of themed printables that incorporate multiple skills and concepts! All Kids Network offers a wonderful winter themed worksheet set that will help your preschoolers practice everything from matching and counting to writing skills and same/different relationships. The best part is, because the printables are not tied to a specific holiday, you won't have to rush to use them before Christmas break. You have all winter to incorporate these little gems into your lesson plans!

Here's a look at a few of our favorite worksheets:

winter counting preschool printable
Photo Source: All Kids Network

Counting Practice.

The ability to count and recognize numbers are important building blocks to future math success. What we like about this worksheet is that, like word problems that offer more information than necessary and have to be analyzed for relevant information, students are given a grouping of objects out of which they have to select the correct number. In some problems they select all of the objects, and in others they must select only a few.

find the winter object that is different preschool printable
Photo Source: All Kids Network


Preschool is a great time to develop differentiation skills - big/little, tall/short, same/different, etc. This worksheet has preschoolers look at a group of objects and find which one doesn't belong. Because each grouping contains the same type of object, students must observe individual object details (i.e. color, style, etc.) in order to find which one is different.

chose the winter object that is the same preschool printable
Photo Source: All Kids Network


Opposite to the concept above, with this worksheet, students will practice finding objects that are the same. Instead of starting with a group of items, students are given one object then are charged with the task choosing its match from the selection of objects beside it. Once again, the objects are the same type, so students must observe item details to make the match.

While your preschoolers my only be able to recognize letters and not the words as a whole, this handwriting worksheet offers great fine motor practice and exposure to both new vocabulary words and the concept of word formation (e.g. words are just letters strung together). Additionally, students will begin to differentiate between drawing and writing, as writing uses purposeful strokes and directional movement.

winter handwriting preschool printable
Photo Source: All Kids Network
match winter objects preschool printable
Photo Source: All Kids Network


This worksheet offers another way to help students distinguish like objects from a group. It's also a great way to introduce the importance of order in problem solving - for example invite students to use the following process when completing the worksheet:

  1. Begin with the object at the top of the first column. Observe the object details.
  2. Then, starting at the top of the second column, use your finger to scroll down the page, stopping at each object and comparing it to the one in the first column before moving to the next.
  3. When a match is found, draw a line between the two items.
  4. Continue with the second object in the first column. Observe the details.
  5. Once again, starting at the top of the second column, look at each item in turn to find the match.

Having an ordered approach, even in the simple exercises, will strengthen their problem solving skills now and in the future!

We hope you enjoy these winter selections from All Kids Network! Be sure to visit their site for the download and for a heap of other great early childhood printables!

Happy Learning!