Winter Mitten Patterning Activity & Printables

Winter Mitten Patterning Printable Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten

Colorful winter mittens offer a fun opportunity for a bit of patterning practice! Here's a free printable patterning center for your kiddos to explore...

Activity preparation...

  • Download the free activity printables.
  • Print the mitten manipulatives onto card stock of assorted colors, cut apart, and laminate to reduce wear and tear.
  • Print the patterning practice cards onto white card stock, then color in the patterns with the appropriate colors (i.e. colors that match your manipulatives), cut the strips apart, laminate the strips to reduce wear and tear, and clip them all together with a binder ring. Or, simply slide the full sheet of card stock into a plastic sheet protector!

To complete the activity...

Preschool and Kindergarten Winter Mitten Patterning Activity Part 1

Provide students with the colorful mitten cutouts, inviting them to use the manipulatives to copy the patterns on the practice sheet.

Preschool and Kindergarten Winter Mitten Patterning Activity Part 2

Once they've had a chance to get acquainted with the patterns, have them use the cutouts to create their own patterns and, using the activity worksheet (shown below), record the patterns they create.

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