Winter Math & Phonics Game Printables

Winter and Christmas Math and Phonics Preschool Printables
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We recently re-discovered Ami's wonderful homeschool blog, Walking by the Way, and found some fantastic winter math and phonics game printables that would make a fabulous addition to your winter themed centers! Here's a little sample of what you'll find in the packets...

Catch the Gingerbread Man

Ami provides a die that features various holiday clip art images - a Christmas tree, a gingerbread man, a snowflake, etc. - which students take turns rolling, then {perhaps with a little assistance} determine the beginning sounds of the object featured and write it in a circle on their game board. When they've filled in all of the circles on their game board, they've "caught" the gingerbread man and win the game!

Clear the Board

This is a fun game that will help your kiddos build counting skills and number recognition. Providing them with the game board {provided by Ami} and ten Christmas themed manipulatives, invite your students to place the markers on the board in the squares of their choice. On their turn, have students roll the game dice, count the number of dots displayed, find the matching numeral on the game board, and remove a manipulative from the row. Two things to note...

  • Players may have multiple manipulatives in the matching row, but they are only to remove one marker on each turn. This means that students might roll a 7 on multiple turns and still be able to play.
  • If the player does not have a marker in the matching row, they must pass the game dice to the next player and they, in essence, lose their turn {i.e. their game board stays the same}.

The first player to clear their board, wins!

These are just two of the awesome games Ami provides in her winter math and phonics game packs - be sure to head over to Walking by the Way for the free download!