Winter Math - Catch A Snowflake Dice Game

Winter Snowflake Themed Math Game Preschool Printable
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Here's another fun game for your winter math center created by Tami over at Learning and Teaching Preschoolers. Not only will your kiddos get to play with dice {always a fun treat!}, they'll build valuable skills - fine motor, counting, and numeral recognition among them!

Tami provides two variations of the worksheet. With the first worksheet, students will only need one game die and, with the second printable, students practice with larger numerals and will need two game dice. To play, students keep rolling, counting, and covering until they've covered the entire game board with manipulatives.

Suggestions for manipulatives...

  • Snowflake stickers or erasers
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Christmas themed candies
  • Winter/Christmas themed buttons
  • White craft pom poms
  • Cotton balls
  • White play dough

For this fun math center game printable, be sure to visit Learning and Teaching Preschoolers!