Winter Clothing Colors Book

Winter Colors, Printing Practice, and Science Preschool Printable
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Help your kiddos brush up on color words with this fun printable booklet from Amber of A Teaching Mommy. You'll also find it's a great seasonal resource; providing you with an opportunity to discuss with your preschoolers how the changing weather affects many things, even our clothing choices!

While the booklet {on its own} would certainly be fun for your preschoolers to complete, you might also consider using the pages to play a game! Collect the corresponding clothing pieces - a red scarf, blue mittens, purple earmuffs, etc. - and place them in a basket or paper bag. Set out the booklet pages on a table and have your students take turns running to the basket/bag, collecting a piece of clothing and matching it to the proper booklet page. [NOTE: If you collect several clothing sets, you can divide your students into teams and race!]

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