Web-Based Teaching Tools: Parts of Speech

In this age of technology where students are learning to use the computer younger and younger, it can be helpful to incorporate non-traditional, web-based tools into your teaching strategy to help bridge the gap between classroom skills and your students' knowledge base. Kelly Tenkley, featured author at The Apple, recommends a great online resource to help your students learn the parts of speech. Created by an elementary teacher, Grammaropolis uses animated characters to represent each different part of speech (e.g. adverb, pronoun, noun, conjunction, etc.). Students can get to know each character's 'story' and make connections between parts of speech and characters interact with each other. Along with a book and character cards, Grammaropolis provides several different learning formats including video, quizzes, a word sort, and even coloring pages.

Mastering the parts of speech can seem tricky for beginners. By using the technology skills in which they excel and a fun, colorful format, students will find this concept much easier to understand and exciting to learn!

Grammaropolis - TheApple.com

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