We The People - A Class Book for Constitution Day!

Patriotic Constitution Day Social Studies Preschool Printable
Photo Source: rockinteachermaterials.blogspot.com

While you're probably still working on your back-to-school units and first day of school activities, we thought we'd fast forward a little bit and share some cool materials we found to go with your Constitution Day lesson plans! {Constitution Day is September 17th and falls on a Monday this year, just in case you needed a refresher!}

As a way to introduce the Constitution and it's importance to our country, Hilary Lewis over at Rockin' Teacher Materials, created a patriotic class book {available for FREE over at her blog!} that your students can work together to complete. Featuring the words of the Preamble, students are invited to take a page and illustrate it with pictures of what America means to them. Since the Preamble is rich with words your preschoolers will not understand, Hilary suggests coupling this activity with literature, incorporating several children's books into the lesson that will help the meaning of this important document come alive as well as show your students how the Constitution plays an important {and active!} role in their lives each and every day!

For the booklet download and Hilary's recommended reading list, be sure to visit Rockin' Teacher Materials!