Watermelon Numbers File Folder Game

Spring and Summer Counting File Folder Game and Preschool Printable
Photo Source: preschoollesonplans.com

In the spirit of spring/summer, we found this awesome watermelon file folder game over at PreschoolPrintables.com that will help your preschoolers build numeral recognition as well as counting skills! Here's how it works: presented with a file folder displaying watermelon cutouts with various numbers of seeds, students are invited to count the seeds, find the watermelon with the corresponding numeral, and make a match.

Use the printable as designed or consider one of the following activity options...

  • Use the watermelon cards to test your kiddos memory/matching skills with a game of Concentration.
  • Add an extra matching component - creating your own watermelon cutouts and adding tally marks and/or number words. The added cutouts would work perfectly as an extension of the file folder activity or game of Concentration, but they'd also expand the cards for a fun game of Go Fish!
  • Place all the cutouts in a bag, inviting each of your students to select one and, on your mark, race to find the student who has the other half of the match.

For this awesome spring/summer themed download, be sure to visit PreschoolPrintables.com!