Washi Tape Pens & Pencils for Back To School!

Back To School Craft for Kids Looking for a fun and simple way to spice up your tools for school? All you need is some washi or duct tape! Found at your local craft store (or even Target and Walmart!), the process is as simple as picking your favorite colors/patterns and using the tspe to wrap your writing instruments. Whether you're a parent who thinks it might be fun to work with your kiddos to personalize their school supplies before the first day of school or a teacher who is thinking about putting some fun writing instruments together to give to students as welcome back gifts or perhaps making a few fancy pens to go along with your classroom theme, the decorating possibilities are almost endless and the results are super fun!

[Side note: We do have to admit, that while the pencils look cool, they might not be as practical as decorative pens. We're not entirely certain how well they'll perform in a pencil sharpener! If you're looking to add flair to your pencil, you might consider mechanical options that don't require sharpening.]