Vocabulary Tools for Visual Learners

Because every student learns in a different way, it is important to make use of different educational tools that will reach each individual and make the learning process more manageable. Kelly Tenkely, featured author for the teacher's site The Apple, introduces the benefits of an online tool called Weboword for assisting visual learners with vocabulary words. How It Works

Weboword uses illustrations to help students understand the definition of a word and how to properly use it in a sentence. Each day, the site provides a newly illustrated vocabulary word, it's definition, pronunciation, and history, as well as, links to past posts. It addition to word illustrations, the tool provides crossword puzzles that utilize learned vocabulary words for extra practice.

Weboword in the Classroom

Weboword's 'word of the day' is a great way to start each class period. Make an overhead transparency of the illustration or use your computer projector to visit the site as a class. Use this online tool to help build the vocabulary skills of younger children or to prep older children for standardized testing. Students can also be encouraged to draw their own vocabulary word illustrations.

Weboword - TheApple.com